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    1. Where will I buy warehouse inventory?

    You will buy warehouse inventory from our logistics facility. With our varied assortment and the opportunity to order special items we will guarantee your needs are met in full.

    2. Am I required to buy Office 1 products?

    Yes, this is a requirement for all franchisees. Using products of the Office 1 brand in your region will help you establish unique presence and competitiveness that none of your competitors will have.

    3. Am I required to sell inventory at the same prices as all of the other Office 1 shops in the country?

    End prices are fixed and obligatory for all Office 1 stores. You can organize your own promotional campaigns which have to be coordinated with us as well as provide customized price proposals to your business customers.

    4. Am I allowed to open more than one store?

    Yes, you are. We have certain criteria regarding the number and density of stores in the chain. It depends on the potential of a given region, the density of the population and other demographic factors.

    5. Should there be a copy centre in my store?

    Should there be a copy centre in my store?

    6. What is the term of the contract?

    The contract is concluded for 5 years with an option for further extension.

    7. What fees will I be charged?

    а) A one-off initial fee upon signing the franchise contract in the range of 2000 to 10000 euro
    б) A monthly fee between 200 and 3000 euro

    8. What does the initial fee include?

    • The work concept of Office 1.
    • The overall organization of opening a new store. Preparations are made under a special plan for launching a new store.
    • Initial training is provided at our head office so that you can start the business.
    • On-site training and guidance is provided at your premises during preparation for launching the store.
    • On-site training and guidance is provided at your premises during preparation for launching the store..

    9. Why do I have to pay monthly service fee?

    Because you get::

    • A rich assortment under extremely preferential terms and prices for you.
    • Logistics services..
    • Marketing and advertising support.
    • Catalogues, leaflets, newsletters with promotional offers for you and your customers.
    • Website.
    • Continuous brand development.

    10. What training will I undergo?

    You will undergo a 14-day training at our head office and store in Sofia.

    11. If I already have a shop, do I need to do a complete overhaul or major refurbishment?

    We will visit your store and give you specific guidelines and assignments on what you need to do so that your store will meet Office 1 standards, making sure this will require minimum resources on your part.

    12. Is the Office 1 brand registered for my region?

    Yes, it is registered at national and European level, and it is running an abuse program.