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    Office 1 is a chain of stores located across the country offering a wide assortment of goods and services. Office 1 offers the following categories of products and services::


    • Stationery
    • Articles of paper
    • Presentation items
    • Office furniture
    • Office equipmentа
    • Telecommunication services
    • Business and advertising services
    • Other


    Office 1 shops are run by different legal entities which hold exclusive rights but conform to uniform standards.

    Up-to-date information on supported and offered services can be obtained on Office 1 website, via the national telephone number for information and orders 070010700 at the charge of one local call without additional fees and in all of Office 1 shops. At Office 1 customers receive services that meet the highest European standards. Highly qualified staff assist customers in choosing the most suitable products for their needs.


     I . General provisions


    1.Office 1 General Terms apply to all transactions concluded between Office 1 and its Customers - individuals in connection with products and services offered by Office 1, unless their application is specifically excluded by virtue of a written agreement.

    2. The General Terms shall be effective at the earliest as of: (a) an offer submitted by Office 1; (b) an order of goods/services by the Customer; (c) conclusion of an individual written contract which does not preclude the application of the General Terms; (d) occurrence of another relevant circumstance. For the avoidance of doubt, it is considered that the General Terms are effective no later than as of the moment of delivery of the goods/ services.

    3. Should any clause of the General Terms become wholly or partially void, including in violation of mandatory provisions of the applicable law, its nullity shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or their binding force. The parties shall renegotiate in good faith the terms of any invalid clause and, if agreement cannot be reached, it shall be replaced by the relevant mandatory provision of law.


     II . Offers and orders


    1. Office 1 offers are binding until expiration of the specified term. The terms of the offers are confidential and apply only to the Customer for whom the offer was drawn up. Any verbal agreements, including between Customers and employees of Office 1, shall only be valid after they have been duly acknowledged in writing by Office 1.

    2. A purchase order/ request shall be binding on Office 1 only if: has been made in writing with explicit indication of the goods via the national telephone number for information and orders (070010700), fax (070010701), the website;

    2.2. it has been confirmed by Office 1 in writing, by telephone or via delivery in accordance with the order.


     III. Deliveries


    1. The delivery quantity is determined on the basis of the order confirmed by Office 1. Without limiting the general nature of the foregoing, Office 1 is entitled to make partial deliveries and/ or be discharged from its obligation to deliver if there is no sufficient stock of the item in question to satisfy the needs of all Customers, of which the Customer is notified in advance.

    2. Deliveries are made on schedule, according to the existing internal plan for delivery of Office 1 goods. The customer shall be notified in advance of the time of delivery of the ordered goods unless a different time of delivery has been agreed in writing.

    2.1. Office 1 provides free delivery to the Customer's address at the following order amount thresholds for order values above BGN 100.00 (one hundred) inclusive of VAT.

    2.2. The cost of deliveries below the thresholds specified in item 2.1 shall be communicated to the Customer on a case-by-case basis.

    2.3. Installation costs related to purchase of furniture shall be communicated to the Customer on a case-by-case basis.

    3.The risk of accidental destruction/ damage to the goods as well as the risk of any costs that may arise in connection with the goods, including the cost of their storage, shall pass to the Customer at the time of delivery of the goods. Delivery of the goods to the Customer shall be certified by a bilaterally signed dispatch note, acceptance certificate or another written document of equal value.

    4. The Customer shall provide possible assistance to Office 1 in connection with the delivery, as well as notify it of any circumstances that may hinder delivery.

    5. The quality and packaging of delivered goods correspond to the effective requirements for the particular type of items.

    6. The use, treatment, processing /repair/ of the goods is done at Customer's own risk. Office 1 is not responsible for compliance of the delivered goods with the purposes for which the Customer intends to use them, nor for damages of any kind which may arise as a result of tampering/arbitrary repair undertaken by the Customer. The Customer undertakes to use the goods in accordance with their intended purpose and in compliance with the instructions for use.

    7. The products offered by Office 1 have a level of safety in accordance with the relevant safety standards, operating instructions and any other written instructions given by the manufacturer of the particular product. Office 1 is not responsible for the Customer's compliance with the applicable safety and environmental standards.

    8. Office 1 is not responsible for non-performance in a broad sense caused by force majeure circumstances (impediments of an extraordinary nature, incident or other circumstance beyond the control of Office 1). In the event of force majeure the Customer has no right to cancel/ refuse acceptance of delayed deliveries. The Customer has the right to give Office 1 a reasonable period of execution after which, in the absence of execution, he/she has the right to refuse a delivery and/ or terminate the contract by written notice with immediate effect.

    9. In the event of culpable delay of delivery, the Customer may grant Office 1 an extra period by written notice after whose expiry he/she may refuse the delivery by written notice with immediate effect. The extra period cannot be shorter than the delivery period.

    10. Ownership of the goods is transferred to the Customer with the full payment of all amounts owed by the Customer in terms of his/her relations with Office 1.


     IV . Prices and payment


    1. The Customer shall pay Office 1 for the goods at the prices in effect on the date of the sale or at other prices expressly agreed in advance between the parties in writing. The Customer agrees that Office 1 may change unilaterally the declared prices of the goods and the change will take effect immediately after the notification which is deemed to have been made by announcing the new prices on the Office 1 website or in the respective store. Confirmed orders for delivery of goods are paid for at the prices in effect at the time of confirmation of the order.

    2. Payments shall be made at the moment of the sale or transfer of the goods, unless otherwise agreed or otherwise imposed by mandatory provisions of law.


     V . Claims


    1. Claims for deficiencies and other obvious defects may be raised upon acceptance of the goods by the Customer. Otherwise, the goods shall be deemed to have been accepted. In the event of a timely, accurate and legitimate claim for defects, Office 1 shall register it and take action as required by applicable law.

    2.Claims for defects that by their nature could not be detected upon visual inspection may be raised within the deadlines provided under the law. Omission to submit a notification within the statutory period is equivalent to acceptance of the goods. Claims should be accompanied by relevant evidence and other relevant documentation under current legislation. Office 1 shall register the identified defect and take action in accordance with applicable legislation.

    3. In the case of goods which have a commercial guarantee claims are satisfied in accordance with the conditions laid down in the commercial guarantee.

    4. In accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection, you are entitled without due compensation or penalty and without specifying a reason to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days as of the date of: in the case of goods - receipt of the goods by the consumer where the requirements of Art. 54 have been met; in the case of services - signing of the contract, and where the obligations under Art. 54 have been fulfilled subsequent to conclusion of the contract, as of the day of their execution, but no later than within the term specified under para 3. In order to return a product the Customer shall apply the following Appendix: see Appendix 6. As a supplier we shall refund to the consumer in full the amount paid by him/her no later than within 30 days as of the date on which the consumer exercised his/her right to withdraw from the contract. As a consumer you are obliged to keep the goods delivered by the supplier, their quality and safety during the term under para 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection on the website of the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP).


     VI . Liability


    1. Office 1 is liable only for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence, breach of an essential contractual obligation and in accordance with the mandatory provisions of law.

    2. Office 1 is not liable for delayed acceptance or unjustified refusal to accept the goods by the Customer.

    3. In the case of delayed acceptance or unjustified refusal to accept the goods, Office 1 is entitled to refuse all or part of the deliveries agreed under the respective contract or pertaining to other commitments to the Customer and/or terminate the contract without notice. In the case of delayed acceptance or unjustified refusal to accept the goods, the Customer shall pay to Office 1 all costs incurred as a result of the delayed acceptance or unjustified refusal to accept the goods, including, but not limited to, the cost of their storage and transportation.

    4. The Customer is not entitled to offset counter claims with Office 1 unless they are explicitly recognized in writing by Office 1.


     VII . Other provisions


    1. These General Terms may be modified or supplemented unilaterally by Office 1, whereas the changes shall be announced on Office 1's website, The date of entry into force of the change/addition shall be explicitly indicated if other than the date of announcement of the change on Office 1's website. Office 1 customers are entitled to request and obtain a copy of the General Terms on hard copy in any store or office of the chain.

    2. In all cases of termination of the contract governed by these General Terms, the termination shall have effect in the future and shall not affect the goods accepted by the Customer prior to the date of receipt of the notice.

    3. In respect of all issues not settled in these General Terms, the provisions of the effective Bulgarian legislation shall apply..