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    Office 1 Superstore built the most modern and smart logistics warehouse in Southeast Europe

    Tuesday, August 13, 2019

    The grand opening of Office 1 Superstore Logistics took place on the 18th of October 2018 in Ravno pole. It has an area of 8 600 m2. The guests of the opening ceremony included Mr. Stamen Yanev, CEO of the Bulgarian investment agency, Mr. Tsanko Tsanev, mayor of Ravno pole village and Mr. Ivaylo Stamenov, mayor of the Elin Pelin municipality, as well as many other business partners from Bulgaria and abroad.

    Cutting the ribbon: from left to right: Mr. Stamen Yanev, CEO of the Bulgarian investment agency; Mrs. Elka Kamenova-Tsankova, CEO of Panda Cooperation; Mr. Ivaylo Stamenkov, mayor of Elin Pelin municipality; Board of directors of Panda Cooperation.

    Our logistics base is equipped with the Austrian automatic system for storing and order processing OSR, which is unique for our business branch and also in Southeast Europe. The impressive construction has 22 floors and a capacity of processing 12 000 products. The system ensures 12 times higher productivity, minimalizes the mistake rate to 0,1% and allows the work of 430 product lines for an hour on each working station.

    Office 1 Superstore Logistics,  “38 Verila str.”, Ravno pole, Elin Pelin municipality.

    Office 1 Superstore Logistics and the automatic system for storing and order processing OSR.

    The project is certified by the Bulgarian investment agency, part of the Ministry of Economics, as a Class A investment and it measures up to 7 billion Euro.

    Mr. Stamen Yanev, CEO of the Bulgarian investment agency, gives Mrs. Elka Kamenova-Tsankovaq CEO of Panda Cooperation, the Certificate for a class A investment.

    Office 1 Superstore built a new warehouse logistics center as an answer to the increasing market and the constant development of its product portfolio. The company is has been a market leader for more than 20 years with a 40% share and is the favored partner of over 130 000 clients.

    On February 20th 2018 Panda Cooperation officially became the owner of the brand Office 1 Superstore worldwide. This is a huge step ahead in the development of the company and it is the fruit of much effort and ambition, made in the last 20 years!

    Office 1 Superstore Logistics attends to the highest European quality standards and is going to fulfill the needs and expectations of all our clients.

    Board of directors of Panda Cooperation and prefer a partner of over 130,000 customers.


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