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    Quality of service

    Our quality of service is an index which we constantly strive to improve so that we meet the needs of our clients. In this article you can read more about the innovations and the successes we are proud of:

      1. The logistics warehouse

    On the 18th of October 2018 we opened the largest logistics center in Southeastern Europe, which is equipped with one of the most modern warehouse technologies in the world! It is located in Ravno pole and has an area of 8 600 m2. The storehouse was built in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and because of the constant improvement of the products and services that we provide. The investment is worth over 7 million euro and the project is certified as class A from the Bulgarian investment agency, part of the Ministry of Economics.

    You can look at the video which shows the building of Office 1 Logistics and how it works:

    The logistics warehouse has one impressive advantage and it is the OSR system for storage and processing orders. It is an Austrian automatic system which is serviced by people and it is able to process more than 500 orders a day. The products are stored in cases, which reach the employees for a couple of minutes through shuttles. The system has 22 floors and can work with more than 12 000 products. The OSR system minimizes the mistakes to 0,1%.


    1. The ownership of the brand rights for the whole world

    We are extremely proud to inform you that on the 20th of February 2018 “Panda” cooperation acquired the world rights of the Office 1 brand. The negotiations surrounding the deal lasted more than 12 months and the president of Office 1 International – Mr. Mark Baccash – came personally from West Palm Beach, Florida for signing the contract. This deal is a huge step on our way of development.

    We consider this deal an extremely important part of our development strategy” – said the CEO of “Panda” Cooperation, Mrs. Elka Kamenova-Tsankova – “We are happy that for the last 20 years we were successful in showing what we are capable of and to prove that a Bulgarian company can overshadow worldwide business chains. This makes us feel proud of what we have achieved and to take the next steps of our development full of confidence.”


    1. Our experience

    Right now, Office 1 is the largest business chain for office supplies and office furniture in Bulgaria, with a huge store chain of our own and franchise stores. More than 21 years the company is an undisputed market leader and a preferred partner of more than 130 000 business clients!


    You can watch our 20th anniversary video here:


      1. The stores and the site


    Right now, there are 69 stores branded with Office 1 in Bulgaria. Our store chain is set up of our own and franchise stores and is constantly growing in order to offer the most qualitative service of the client needs from the whole country.

    Each one of our stores has a Cash Point sector, which allows the clients to make all kinds of payments at one cash desk through the EasyPay system.

    We are also developing our e-commerce – the site is the solution of the stronger desire of the clients to shop online. The site offers different options for shopping, for example the Click & Collect system which works like this: the client orders the products he wants to buy online, the order if processed in maximum of 2 hours and the client can take it from the store he picked. Each Office 1 also has a Copy and Print Center where you can copy, print, scan, cover, laminate, production of stamps, invoices, business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, baners, menus, cards, labels and other print products and services.

    Our assortment in the stores as well as online is constantly expanded, since it follows our flexibility in terms of client needs. The e-commerce and the store chain have exclusive offers, promotions and services.

    1. Individual services for our corporate clients

    We value our corporative clients a lot and we know they are very busy, which is why we want to ease their work and meet their needs without taking much of their time. During the years we have developed the service of these clients and now each one of them is delighted with an individual attitude from us regarding their own business and office needs.


    Each corporate client works with a qualified team of telemarketing operator and sales manager who both offer him personal solutions. With time we have proved our precise and honest attitude towards our clients – corporate and end customers – and we have long-term connections with them. We do not see the clients as big and small – for us every customer is equally important and everyday we strive to obtain long-lasting and positive connections with all the corporate clients we work with.

    1. ISO certificates

    We have been present at the Bulgarian market for more than 21 years and during this time we have worked hard to attain the following certificates:

    System for Quality control ISO 9001:2008

    System for environmental control ISO 14001:2004

    System for IT security control ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    System for controlling the health and safety work surroundings BS OHSAS 18001:2007

    System for control of the services that support management and processes of print, services of print optimization and services of print, copy and computer technologies, IT services ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011

    Product portfolio

    We are exceptionally proud that Office 1 is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the following brands:


    We are thankful of all our existing clients for the inspiration to develop our portfolio of products and services. You are the reason we improve the quality of work we do constantly and also the reason for us to provide “all your office needs under one roof”!