The power of colors

    “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso

    The affable surrounding and the feeling of personal happiness at the office are an important factor for productivity of each one of us. When you spend one third of your day in an office, you need to feel relaxed and comfortable.

    When you want to create the ideal office surrounding which helps you enjoy working and stimulate your imagination, you need to be aware of the theory of colors and the way it can be useful to you.

    This theory is about the impact colors have on your mind and lead to success. The important thing in this case is that these impacts are combined in the right way so that their influence is positive.

    If you are working for a long time, the green color is a great choice for your office. It relaxes the eyes and it is proven that it relaxes people and makes them effective. Wall painting in green may not be the most suitable choice for everyone, which is why we suggest an alternative way for you to enjoy this relaxing color. Green will inspire you to feel in harmony and balanced at the office. According to studies, the green color can improve artistic performance. Take a look at our suggestions here:

    If you want to turn your office into a creative center, than you need more yellow. Western cultures believe that yellow brings joy and optimism and frees the mind from stress. Orange color has a similar effect – it makes you creative, energetic and cheerful, but if you want to bring it into your office, you should be bold in choosing the furniture and products. Take a look at our suggestions here:

    The use of red is not only a bold decision in terms of design, but it can also inspire you to be expressive of your emotions. Scarlet colors stimulate your ambitious side (this is why many people love racing cars in bright red). It is a symbol of confidence, energy, leadership, power and most of all – will for action! Take a look at our suggestions here:

    White remains the natural leader when we talk about elegance, luxury, pureness and style. White is related to freshness and goodness. People who prefer white tend to becalmer, more confident and self-sufficient and they also have positive outlook on life. Take a look at our suggestions here:

    We hope we have been useful in terms of your choice of the right color and office products so that you feel comfortable at your workplace!