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    About Office 1

    International Presence

    Office 1 is an international franchising company established in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA which is currently present in 3 countries - Bulgaria, France and Greece.

    • The first stores outside the US were opened in 1989 in Spain. The chain established its presence in Bulgaria in 1998 when Panda Cooperative obtained exclusive franchise rights for the territory of Bulgaria and opened the first store in Sofia in June 1998. As a result of successful management and the good performance results of the Bulgarian subsidiary Office 1 Bulgaria gained a key role in the management and development of the international chain.
    • On February 20, 2018 Panda Cooperative officially acquired all rights over trademarks from the Office 1 portfolio. In this way Panda Cooperation transformed from exclusive franchisee for Bulgaria into sole owner and representative of the Office 1, Office 1 International and Office 1 e-shop brands worldwide.

    Office 1 world map

    There are stores of the Office 1 chain in:

    Bulgaria, France, Greece, Libya, Turkey, Serbia and Jordan.

    OFFICE 1 in Bulgaria

    Office 1 is the largest chain of stores selling office products in Bulgaria. More than 20 years the company has been the undisputed market leader and preferred partner of more than 90,000 business customers. On 20 February 2018, the company acquired the Office 1 trademark and became the sole owner and representative of the brand worldwide.


      • Today, Office 1 has a market share of 38%, 64 stores across the country and employs over 1,000 people. The product portfolio includes over 160,000 products that can be purchased on-site at the stores, ordered online or by phone. The stores' total area is over 15,000 sq.m. and orders made from the website and by phone are delivered to each inhabited locality in the country.. 
      • In the second half of 2018 the new logistics and warehouse facility "Office 1 Logistics" in Ravno Pole will be fully operational. The project has been certified by the Bulgarian Investment Agency with the Ministry of Economy as a class "A" investment.With a total built-up area of 8,600 square meters and equipped with one of the most advanced automated warehousing and handling systems "Office 1 Logistics" will be the only facility of its kind within the industry in Southeastern Europe. Putting it into operation will help maintain higher stock levels and significantly expand the product range. Orders will be processed and shipped within minutes. "Office 1 Logistics" fully meets the highest European quality standards.
      • Office 1 Product range: 

    Office 1's product groups

    Writing tools and correction products

    Desk accessories

    Folders and binders

    Packaging and archiving

    Paper and articles of paper

    Presentation items

    Computer accessories

    Office equipment and supplies

    Food and drink

    Sanitary materials

    Office equipment and chairs

    Advertising materials


    • Coverage of the whole country
    • The largest logistics and warehouse facility in Bulgaria
    • Variety of communication and sales channels
    • High-quality service
    • Vast product selection
    • Contemporary web-based solutions

    Vision and Mission

    To be the preferred full-service partner for office products on the market.

    To offer modern, high quality and innovative solutions that ensure customer security and enable customers to concentrate their resources on their business.

    To create conditions for easy, convenient and pleasant interaction with us, with a personal approach and focus on customer needs.